New Luffing Jib Crane Offers Fast Lifting Speeds

New Luffing Jib Crane Offers Fast Lifting Speeds

Published: October, 2016

The Potain MR 418 is the first in an updated line of luffing jib cranes, each of which is equipped with full frequency-controlled mechanisms for precision control. Maximum capacity for the crane is 24 t and the maximum jib length is 60 m.

Available from SA French, the sub-Saharan distributor of the world leading Potain brand of tower crane, it offers a number of advantages. Among these is that this extremely compact crane is quick to assemble, quick to commission and capable of extremely fast lifting speeds on high rise job sites.

The crane delivers its best performance when fitted with the optional 270 LVF 120 hoist which offers industry leading lifting capability and is perfect for high rise buildings, including super tall structures.

The 200 kW (270 hp) hoist provides 826 metre (m) of rope capacity, which means that in a single-fall configuration a hook path of 826 m is possible, while in a two-fall configuration 413 m of vertical reach is possible.

In addition, the winch can reach speeds of up to 254 m/min for better productivity, while the power control function means it can operate off varying power inputs, allowing it to cope with lower power supplies on site. Furthermore, it can automatically adapt to a 50 Hz or 60 Hz power network, making it easier to move to between countries.

Customers not requiring the full power of the 270 LVF 120 hoist can choose the 110 kW (150 hp) 150 LVF 120 hoist. This hoist has a drum capacity of 552 m and can produce line speeds of up to 210 m/min. The flexibility of choice with the design means customers can select the optimal configuration for them, ensuring they earn the best possible financial returns for their requirements.

But it is not only new mechanisms and better lift capabilities that are likely to appeal to customers. The crane’s user-friendly design has the luffing mechanism and hoist uniquely mounted inside the counter jib while there is also a large, easily accessible service platform behind the cab, giving technicians a single location from which to access all major service points.

Quickly getting the crane into service comes courtesy of a new on-board control system that allows the technician to commission the crane into operation just minutes after assembly is completed. Simple input of the jib length, working height and test load into the crane’s control board allows for a fast and accurate calibration.

In terms of working height, Potain’s intelligent mast system gives the crane enhanced flexibility to cope with the challenges of modern high-rise buildings. The crane can be installed on fixing angles or on various sized chassis of 6 m x 6 m; 8 m x 8 m; and 10 m x 10 m.

For example, a freestanding height of 90 m can be achieved on a 10 m x 10 m chassis when fitted with 30 m of jib. And with its design focus on high-rise applications, the crane needs only three anchorages to reach a working height of 197 m when fitted with 30 m of jib and fixing angle P850A (wind condition FEM 1.001).

SA French has been recognised as an Elite Dealer by Potain of France, which means a guarantee of 80% availability of spare parts on first call. And it is this level of aftermarket support that has ensured the success of Potain cranes in Africa.